3-in-1 Toilet Support Rail

3in1 side rails up 3in1 side splayed 3in1 drop side 2

The Throne 3-in-1 Toilet Support Rail provides the necessary support for those who need assistance transferring on and off the toilet, the 3-in-1 rail has three functions; Standard, Splayed and Fold Down positions, making it the most convenient toilet support system on the market today. Each function can be used to suit the needs of the user:

Standard: Helps support the user to lower and raise themselves to and from the toilet providing them with better stability in doing so, in this position both grab rails are in a standard vertical position.

Splayed: In this position the grab rails are much the same as the standard position only now offering a wider option for users who rather a wider grip from the grab rails.

Fold Down: The fold down position is there to offer the option of side access to the toilet in situations where side access is needed, the fold down option is also a useful choice for users in wheelchairs and for situations where space is limited, by folding down one of the grab rails this can reduce the space being taken up.

Multipurpose usage

Powder Coated: £325.00 plus VAT
Delivery and Fitting £62.50 plus VAT
Postage and Packaging charges apply


3-in-1 standard 3-in-1 splayed 3-in-1 folddown

This model has a weight loading of 110kg (17.3 Stone).
Two optional settings: 510mm or 640mm between the handles, and fold down handles
Height of handles above seat 260mm approx.
The back plate internal measurements 370mm