Toilet Raisers

3in1 and spacer front 3in1 and spacer spacer bracket

The Throne Toilet Raiser has been specifically designed to raise the height of the toilet, assisting users to safely transfer.

Features of the Toilet Raiser include:

  • They can be used with or without Throne Rails.
  • Allow the use of a normal toilet seat and eliminate movement, which can lead to slipping off the toilet.
  • Raisers are easy to install, becoming an extension of the toilet.
  • The Raiser is compatible with the Bio-Bidet
  • The Raisers are available in two sizes, 50mm and 80mm
*Please note that brackets are only required when installing a Throne Rail and a 80mm Raiser.

50mm Raiser £90.00 Plus VAT
80mm Raiser £100.00 Plus VAT
Extension Brackets: £25.00 Plus VAT

Delivery and Fitting £62.50 plus VAT
Postage and Packaging charges apply

The Raisers have a weight loading of 250kg (39.3 Stone).
spacer50mm spacer80