Children’s Step

IMG_0262 3in1 step down 3in1 step up IMG_0259

The Children’s Step has been developed to assist children access the toilet with more independence. It provides a secure platform and gives greater confidence to children requiring easier access to the toilet.

The Children’s Step can be used in conjunction with both Adult and Children’s Toilet Support Rails.

The Step is attached to the side brackets of the Toilet Support Rail, and can fold up against the front of the pan when not being used.

The Children’s Step has a weight loading of 30kg (4.7 Stone).

The Step is height adjustable and will fit all Throne Adult and Children’s Toilet Support Rails.

The Step Plate is 40cm Wide and 28cm Deep
The Highest Setting is 28cm from the toilet bowl
The Lowest Setting is 30cm from the toilet bowl

Step dimension_edited-1

White Powder Coated: £150.00 Plus VAT

Delivery and Fitting £62.50 plus VAT
Postage and Packaging charges apply